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TAZ Command-based Testing

The simplicity of commands
The power of automation

Traditionally, you have two basic testing options -- manual and programming. Now TAZ adds a much-needed third, one that gives your manual testers,
(the subject matter experts), the power to create, automate, and debug every test they run.

Create, Test, Automate, and Debug with TAZ

Communicate with any equipment through TAZ and create tests by capturing actions or use the integrated command manual. Run your saved tests and use the many debug features on the fly.

Run Tests From TAZ or Your Existing Framework

Python, TCL, or whatever language your existing framework uses can call TAZ automation. If you don't have an existing framework, you can use the totally integrated TAZ Test Management Solution.
  • Send commands to control any device, instrument, Windows PC, Linux computer
  • Communicate through: Ethernet, Telnet, SSH, SNMP, Serial, TCP/IP, HTTP, SQL, FTP, DOS, TCL, GPIB, USB, APIs, more
  • Web GUI control of equipment with Selenium
  • Direct instrument control of: Spirent TestCenter, Ax4000, Smartbits, Ixia, IxNetwork, DiversifEye, Crescendo, Fortissimo, APC, T-Berd, Agilent VSA, more
  • Communicate with any API, SDN/NFV solution
  • Power cycle equipment. Simulate fiber cuts and cable pulls
  • Capture and use runtime variables
  • Run existing scripts in any programming language
  • Runtime debugging, including runtime equipment communication, runtime debug scripts, send emails, pause, stop, skip steps, etc.
  • Save results to a custom database or commercial products like HP Quality Center, Contour, Jira, and TestLink
  • Tests are portable over any test bed, even with different equipment
  • Save and recall entire testing setups
  • Test Automation management - entire testing setups are portable too
  • Schedule test runs, triggered by many events
  • Create and view logs in many formats. Custom Reports and Graphs
  • Use Loops, Conditionals, call other TestCases
  • Easy yet powerful Pass/Fail evaluation of tests
  • Work with XML
  • Pause automation to give an operator instructions
  • Create manual tests
  • Customize for your needs - TAZ was built for customization
  • Full video reference library for step-by-step instruction

    TAZ users have online access to an extensive how-to video library that contains step-by-step videos for performing all aspects of TAZ usage.

    Quick, responsive support whenever you need it

    We provide training and support on-site, via email, or over the phone. What's more, when you work with AZTAZ, you get help from a senior engineer.

    TAZ Solves the Automation Bottleneck

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