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TAZ thinks the way your testers do

TAZ command-based testing software is easy to use because it adheres to the same logical path that manual testers follow -- from selecting the tests to run to connecting equipment to viewing the results.

Set up runs
Connect Equipment
Run Tests
Write Tests
View Results

Set up Runs: Select the test cases to run.

Connect Equipment: Once entered, your equipment connection information is always available. Select and then connect with just one click.

Run Tests: The Run Tests screen provides a clear visual display of the testing progress and gives you access to a variety of runtime debugging tools.

Write Tests: The editor offers many timesaving features, including color coding and error checking. For even more time-saving convenience, the built-in TAZ editor allows you to communicate directly with connected equipment -- capturing the commands and responses directly into your test case.

View Results: TAZ captures and logs the information and results from every test case you run. You can view the log in detail or as a summary, pictured here.

Run more tests in less time

TAZ command-based automation software gives manual testers the power to automate every test they run.

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