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Programmer/Automator Problem TAZ Solution

Many tests and few programmers

All testers are TAZ automators

Programmers write a program to automate each test

Testers use simple text commands to automate

  • Commands duplicate their manual actions
  • Programs are complex and difficult to write

  • Takes time by someone with specialized knowledge
  • Commands are simple and easy to use

  • Quick to learn and easy to use
  • Programs are difficult to change

  • Maintenance is difficult, becomes unmanageable
  • Commands are easy to change

  • Automation is written in plain text
  • Tests only run at the end of TestCase development

  • Programs are difficult to write and change, so they can only be written when the tests are stable and complete
  • Tests run from Day 1

  • Because commands are easy to use, TAZ Automators write and RUN their automation as they create their test cases
  • Programmers are not the feature experts

  • They need guidance from the testers while writing programs
  • They need guidance to maintain programs
  • Testers ARE the Subject Matter Experts

  • They are ideal to write the automation
  • They are best suited to handle maintenance
  • Only low hanging fruit is automated

  • Because of the complexity of programming
  • All tests are easily automated

  • Because TAZ duplicates a testers manual actions
  • Programs are complex to understand

  • When a programmer is no longer available, their programs are hard to maintain
  • Their programs are invariably redone
  • TAZ automation is simple to understand

  • Testers easily pass automated tests around
  • They build on each others success

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