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Increase the speed and efficiency of your testing program. Automate AS you test.

TAZ®, command-based automation from Aztaz Software, turns manual testers into high-speed testers by enabling them to automate any test they run.

Test and Automate without programming

TAZ doesn’t require users to know programming. Instead, it gives manual testers the power to automate their own tests using a simple-to-learn command language. Since testers already work with commands, working with TAZ is easy.

Empower your manual testers

Manual testers are the subject matter experts (SME), so they are the ideal automators. With TAZ, manual testers automate as they are testing, so bugs are found earlier in the cycle when they are less expensive to fix.

No complicated programming to slow you down -- ever

TAZ software’s straightforward command language gives you the benefits of automation without the time-consuming complexity of programming.

Run more tests in less time

The TAZ test tool with command-based automation gives manual testers the power to automate every test they run.

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